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Now we're 7 days a week!

So the big moment finally happened, the business we have been running on evenings and weekends has finally gone full time! Whilst we set up the limited company at the end of 2019, we officially went full time on Feb 1st.

We've been getting busier and busier with sticker work and alignments recently, and now that we've added shock absorber sales to the mix its given us enough to be able to provide all of our services 7 days a week. This gives us greater flexibility and means we can cater for everyone with (hopefully) shorter waiting times between booking and completion. It's also enabled us to offer our full setup service at £250 instead of £295 on weekdays giving more flexibility and choices to the customer.

The response in the last week has been amazing too, the phone and messages haven't stopped. We are going to try and get to a few local shows this year too, we'll probably have a stand at the car shows at Aylesford as they are a great day out for enthusiasts and traders like us. There's a couple more we are considering too but we'll wait and see.

So if you need wheel alignment, a track focussed setup, stickers or partial wrapping then give us a call. Chances are we can get to you sooner rather than later...

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