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Car enthusiasts and racers are always quick to spend money on the best parts or shiniest gear. Get the most out of your setup without the huge outlay on setup equipment. We pride ourselves on giving every customer the best chassis setup or tracking we can. The convenience of our service means that you just need to book us and give us access to the car. It could be at the track, in a garage or on a solid driveway (weather dependant!)

We believe that our pricing gives great value for money given the convenience of what we provide. No transport worries or buying and storing setup gear, we are even cheaper than a decent car detail!

All Square Wrap 'n Ride are based in the South East of England and our pricing is based on travelling up to 100 miles of where we are based. We are happy to visit customers further afield so please don't hesitate to contact us for a price.

Please enquire for booking dates and the next steps. We kindly ask that you pay upfront or at latest on the day. Unfortunately we cannot offer credit or a tab. We accept Cash and Bank Transfer.

Wheel alignment

Check and adjust front and rear toe (often referred to as tracking), camber and caster (where possible.) All we need is a pretty level surface. (For adjustment on a flat patch, please see full service)

Full race / track setup service

Our Full setup service includes (where adjustable) camber, caster, toe, ride height and corner weight setting. Ride height and corner weights are adjusted on a flat patch meaning that they are extremely accurate being set on a completely flat surface. A must for race car setup, track car setup and modified cars with coilovers.

Track setup + Circuit support package

This is for our full setup service PLUS 1 day support at a track day or test day. Perfect for a shakedown or to hone the car and driver a little bit more. Available at Brands Hatch, Snetterton, Silverstone and Donington Park. See below for prices

Coilover and shock absorber fitting

We are now able to offer a Coilover and shock absorber fitting service. We recommend that when booking this fitting service that you also book at least our wheel alignment service in order to check that all of your geometry is square and safe afterwards. For track and race cars, we strongly recommend the Full setup service to get the best from your new equipment. For top mount fitting, please ask us for a price when booking.

Koni Cut-a-strut

We are pleased to be able to provide a fitting service for customers wishing to purchase a Koni Cut-a-strut system. Simply post your original struts to us, we supply and modify your existing struts then post them back to you to fit. Simple! We can even come to you, remove and refit your struts if required. Please contact us for price, availability, stock and turnaround times.



Wheel alignment - toe, camber and caster (where adjustable)                     

Full setup service (weekdays)

Full setup service (weekends)

Coilover / shock absorber fitting (full set) from

£150     (plus £1 per mile over 25 miles from ME6 5PD)                               

£250     (plus £1 per mile over 100 miles from ME6 5PD)           

£295     (plus £1 per mile over 100 miles from ME6 5PD)

£150     (plus £1 per mile over 50 miles from ME6 5PD)               




American cars / 1/2'' or 12mm bolt 


Lotus Elise / Exige / Vauxhall VX220

Classic Ferrari upto and inc. 355

£0.50     per shim


£3.50     per shim          

£2.00     per shim


Alignment shims

We now carry a selection of alignment shims on the van for your convenience. These are priced at:

Track setup + Circuit support package

Track setup PLUS Brands Hatch                £450

Track setup PLUS Snetterton                    £475

Track setup PLUS Silverstone                   £475

Track setup PLUS Donington Park             £495


Prices vary due to proximity of circuit from our location. Prices are for the labour service only and do not include parts or consumables (inc. fuel and oils.) We can travel further afield at an additional cost, please get in contact with your request


Sticker & Wrap related prices

Livery / sign writing design service               £50

This design service fee does not apply to regular stickers, only for large jobs on signs or vehicles. This initial fee is discounted from your bill if you choose to go with our design. If you don't wish for us to do the work then by paying the design fee you own the design we have done for you.


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Kent, United Kingdom

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