We have put together our own handling packs using products available from the companies we are a dealer for to help give you a handling upgrade for your vehicle.


This pack is for VW Golf Mk5 GTi / Edition 30 range and will certainly sharpen up the handling and give you a better ride.


Featuring a full set of Koni Sport shock absorbers that have externally adjustable rebound damping where possible. These are a noticeable improvement over any OE shock and pretty much most aftermarket ones too. The adjustable rebound damping gives you the option of tuning the shocks to your preference. Koni Sport dampers are probably the best shock absorber to choose for your car without changing to full on coilovers. This kit can be supplied with or without H&R lowering springs that will lower your vehicle upto 40mm from the standard shock and spring setup. Please select whether or not you require the springs from the drop down menu. You will save another �191.26 if you require the kit without springs.


Also included are the SuperPro front wishbone caster increase and anti-lift brackets and bushes. These will help to sharpen up your handling giving you more feedback and making the drive even more enjoyable. These bushes change the geometry of your car so a wheel alignment will need to be carried out afterwards.


We can supply and fit this pack for you if required and carry out your wheel alignment too, all at your premises. Please contact us separately to this order to request either of these services.


Normally this Handling Pack with the H&R springs would cost �1026.57 posted to your door

We are doing this pack for �851.34 to your door, SAVING YOU �175.23!!!

If you do not require the springs, the kit would have cost you �787.49 delivered

We are doing the kit delivered without H&R springs for �660.08, SAVING YOU �127.41!!!

VW Golf Mk5 GTi / Edition 30 Handling Pack (2 options)

  • Return within 14 days. Unopened and unused only. Customer to pay return P&P

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