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Not all cars are designed the same. Suspension setups, type of parts and the ways they are adjusted are the ones that affect what we do. We will adjust as many of the parameters required on you car that the setup requires, and that the car allows. In order to adjust ride height and corner weights the car must have adjustable coil spring platforms on it's coil-over shocks, or adjustable pushrods. Some models have their own individual systems such as the rear suspension on Jaguar E-Types for example, but the ability to be adjusted must still be there. Any vehicle that requires extensive stripdown work for height adjustment (106, Saxo etc) will have to be done before we arrive. Cars with fixed spring platforms or leaf-springs will still be put on the scales (on the full service) to take ride height and weight measurements but unfortunately will not be able to be adjusted. This also goes for camber, caster and toe geometry. The angles will all be checked and will be adjusted if required and if possible. All settings will be logged and emailed to the owner after completion of the setup.

To get the most from our visit we recommend that your car has adjustable spring platforms or a way of adjusting ride height (for the full setup service), any shims needed to adjust camber and caster ready to use and if possible adjustable length anti-roll bar links in order to set the corner weights perfectly! If you have a car that needs specific lifting equipment or special wheel nut fixings please make sure this is available as we will need to lift the car and potentially remove wheels in order to complete the chassis setup. This includes a usable socket for locking wheel nuts being ready for use too. We provide a good setup service, however this isn't a service that provides maintenance, so please ensure fasteners are relatively free and not rusted solid. Any time taken to free off seized fixings is chargeable. The maximum vehicle weight that we can set corner weights on is 2600kgs including ballast. We recommend that the vehicle is adjusted with driver weight and an 'average' load of fuel onboard. Upon booking we can discuss the best way to prepare your car ready for our arrival and to ensure the visit goes as smooth as possible! If the 'Mini Service' is booked, this will be carried out on the floor on the most level ground available, any use of the flat patch will incur the charge of the 'Whole Hog'.

The mini service

The Mini-service has been designed for customers who have no need for the corner weights and ride heights to be set on their car and just need good old fashioned tracking. This service includes:

  • Camber check and toe check and adjustment

  • Optional camber adjustment and caster check

  • Optional caster adjustment

the whole hog!

This is our full, original service. We will check and adjust your toe, camber, caster, ride height and corner weights where adjustable. Available to be booked for weekends and even weekdays where available, we will give your car the full treatment. The full setup without going anywhere!


We are now able to offer a coilover fitting service! Pre-book us to fit your coilovers and save the hassle of doing it yourself. We recommend that after fitting coilovers a geometry setup is carried out to get the best from your new equpiment, contact us to see what we is best for you!

Corner Weights

Perfecting the balance

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