At Wrap 'n Ride we can create vinyl cut stickers to your specification on one our our 2 vinyl cutters. We can cater for everything from 10mm high to 1200mm high and several metres long. You can choose from several different grades and prices of vinyl and a great variety of colours we have available to us. Whether you need a simple one off or a large batch please get in contact to see how we can help

To start the process all you need to do is send us a good quality jpeg or png file that we can convert to a vector file, or even better an Adobe Illustrator .ai file if you require larger stickers than 300mm high. From there we can mock up your sticker to check the cut lines before we send it to cut. Choose your colours then away we go!

It's frustrating fitting your stickers and messing them up, so if you would like us to fit them for you please ask for price and availability and we'll do our best to help.

Should you require wheel alignment or our suspension setup service we can even combine these in the same visit

Kent, United Kingdom

07967 458207

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