We try to keep things simple for everyone at All Square, so to make the experience as easy as possible when you book our service it means you agree with and agree to all of the T's & C's below.

  • 'All Square' operates on a very simple principle. There are no accounts, no tabs and no I.O.U.'s. We square your car, and you square your bill.

  • Any non-payment on the day will result in the full balance needing to be paid within 7 calendar days. After this period non-payers will have their debt passed on to a debt management company who will then chase the debt and any associated fees incurred. 'All Square' will not return to this customer for any further work in the future.

  • 'All Square' requires a fairly flat solid surface to set our equipment on. Grass and gravel will not provide a suitably stable platform to give consistent and accurate results on. Garages and driveways are perfect but please check with us on booking to make sure the location is suitable.

  • If upon arrival the vehicle is not able to be setup, full payment will be required due to the customer not being able to provide suitable conditions or vehicle to be worked on. Issues include unsuitable surface, seized parts, missing parts or parts not fitted to the vehicle, or the vehicle is not onsite. Locking wheel nut sockets must be available and suitable for use.

  • 'All Square' is not a mobile mechanic service. Parts required to be setup on the car will need to be fixed to it upon arrival. Exception to this are items like shims to adjust parameters on the car. Any adjustment strut top mounts or camber correcting kits will need to be fitted to the vehicle ready for adjustment unless discussed with us before the booking has been made.

  • 'All Square' will endeavour to free off seized fasteners if needed but the labour charge on this will be charged at the rate of £30 per hour worked out by the minute (ie. 5 minutes = £2.50.) We will give 5 minutes 'grace' on this for the odd fixture, but regular problems will be chargeable.

  • 'All Square' does not provide parts of any kind. We are simply a service that will setup your chassis by adjusting Ride Height, Corner Weights, Toe, Camber and Caster. Where applicable we can also check damper 'clicks' match side to side and set adjustable anti-roll bars too.

  • We have many years experience in the Automotive and Motorsports industries and pride ourselves on being good at what we do. As we provide a setup service not a build service, it is the owner's and/or driver's responsibility to check that the vehicle is safe for use after we complete our adjustments. 'All Square' will tighten everything that we loosen and adjust at the end of adjusting the settings but the sole roadworthy responsibility falls with the vehicle owner. 'All Square' cannot be held responsible for any accidents, damage or other mechanical issues arising from vehicle use after we complete the chassis setup. Mechanical safety is always the vehicle owner's and/or driver's responsibility before use.

  • Verbal and Physical abuse towards 'All Square' staff and damage to equipment will not be tolerated and will be met in every case with Police being called and prosecution sought along with full payment being made.

  • 'Custom' geometry setups away from the manufacturer's standard settings are at the discretion of the vehicle owner and/or driver and the owner and/or driver accepts responsibility for the change in handling and grip levels of the vehicle on it's non-factory settings. 'All Square' cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or dis-satisfaction for a customer choosing a setup that is non-standard. Whilst 'All Square' can provide educated advise as to setup changes, these changes can have different effects from vehicle to vehicle and the owner and/or driver has the ultimate decision to choose these settings or not. We advise owner's and/or drivers to research handling changes and what geometry adjustments can do before deciding to choose custom geometry. All liability for custom geometry, whether researched or not, falls with the owner and/or driver when booking with 'All Square'.

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