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4 wheel alignment

Our popular 4 wheel alignment service (referred to by most people as 'tracking') is frequently requested by a customer to align their car without going to the extremes of adjust the ride height of the car and setting corner weights. On this service we will check adjust your camber, caster and toe angles where necessary. A lot of 'fast fit' centres that advertise laser tracking will often only adjust the toe angles on the car as caster and camber can be tricky to adjust of even require parts to do so. Well, with us it's done properly. Contact us with your vehicle details, we'll research the correct settings and to check if any parts / shims are required then arrange a date where we come to you for the adjustment to make the whole process as convenient as possible. We may be a little dearer than 'fast fit' places, but we stay until its done and we come to you!

Perfect for your everyday car, classic car, restorations, light use track cars, light commercial below 3.5T

From £100, see Pricing page for more info

Race / track setup

All Square Wrap 'n Ride's Full Setup service is rapidly gaining a reputation as being THE service if you need a geometry adjustment with ride height and corner weights setting up. With 17 class wins for cars that have been on our setup equipment in 2019 the benefits are proven.

We will come to you, ballast your car with driver weight and put it on our flat patch to ensure the flattest of surfaces for the adjustment.

If you need any other adjustments such as spring changes please advise us of this in advance. Extra work is possible subject to time constraints and is chargeable at £45 per hour on top of the regular setup fee.

Perfect for your modified car, supercar, SORN car, kit car, pre-IVA vehicle, custom vehicle, race car, track car

From £250, see Pricing page for details

Not all vehicles are designed the same...

​Suspension setups, type of parts and the ways they are adjusted will affect what we can do. We will adjust as many of the parameters required on you car that the setup requires, and that the car allows. In order to adjust ride height and corner weights the car must have adjustable coil spring platforms on it's coil-over shocks, or adjustable pushrods. All models of vehicle vary, but the ability to be adjusted must still be there. Any vehicle that requires extensive stripdown work for height adjustment (106, Saxo etc) will have to be done before we arrive as we class this as a build item rather than a setup item. It may be possible for us to do the work for you but please request this on booking and will be charged at £45 per hour and may taken more than the 1 day to complete along with any setup work. Cars with fixed spring platforms or leaf-springs can be weighed and corner weights reported if required but adjustment will not be possible. Vehicles with fixed camber and caster can still be checked and reported even if adjustment is not possible. All settings will be logged and emailed to the owner after completion of the setup.

To get the most from our visit we recommend that your car has adjustable spring platforms or a way of adjusting ride height (for the track setup service), any shims needed to adjust camber and caster ready to use and if possible adjustable length anti-roll bar links in order to set the corner weights perfectly! If you have a car that needs specific lifting equipment or special wheel nut fixings please make sure this is available as we will need to lift the car and potentially remove wheels in order to complete the chassis setup. This includes a usable socket for locking wheel nuts being ready for use too. We provide a good setup service, however this isn't a service that provides maintenance, so please ensure fasteners are relatively free and not rusted solid. Any time taken to free off seized fixings is chargeable at £45 per hour. The maximum vehicle weight that we can set corner weights on is 2600kgs including ballast. We recommend that the vehicle is adjusted with driver weight and an 'average' load of fuel onboard. Upon booking we can discuss the best way to prepare your car ready for our arrival and to ensure the visit goes as smooth as possible! Our wheel alignment service is carried out on the floor on the most level ground available, any use of the flat patch will incur the charge of the track setup service.

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