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Welcome to All Square Wrap 'n Ride!

Your one stop on-the-road shop for all things Steering, Stickers and Suspension

If you need wheel alignment, race or track setup inc. corner weights, a new set of coilovers or shock absorbers or maybe some stickers or wrapping then you're in the right place

Our unique mobile service means that we come to you, no more taking time out of your schedule to take your car somewhere for the work to be done


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Latest news:

  • Give us a call about our Track Support program. With over 60 podiums in under 2 years our customers are testament to the difference a good setup or trackside assistance can be!

  • You can now pay by PayPal in our online shop making it easier to buy than ever!

  • We are excited to announce that we are now a dealer for KW Suspension products! Contact us to discuss your coilover needs...

  • We are now a dealer for Gaz Shocks! The full Gaz GHA and Gold ranges are now in our online shop so check them out here

Based in the Kent, All Square Wrap 'n Ride are proud to offer our mobile chassis setup service where we come to you to carry our wheel alignment or race / track setup service to help you get the best from your car. We can even supply and fit a new set of shock absorbers or coilovers as well. The great thing about our service is the fact that we come to you, why take your car somewhere where you can't keep an eye on it when you can get just as good service (or even better) at your own property and convenience? Perfect!

We are very experienced in our field. Our Director (and Technician) Chris has spent years working in high end motorsport from BTCC to GP3 on the F1 support bill taking race wins along the way. In our first year in business, cars that sat on our setup gear went on to win 17 races and a championship and now after almost 2 years our customers have achieved 60 podiums and counting. He has also worked in classic car restoration where the utmost care is a must, and taken a couple of high level Concours d'Elegance wins too with cars overhauled and assembled by him.

We are proud to be a distributor for Koni dampers where we are able to supply businesses and end users with Koni's great range of dampers to cater for Road, Track, Race, Vans, LCV and even Heavy vehicles. Koni have a fantastic reputation for reliability and quality and cover everything from classic to modern cars with the latest advances at a decent price! We are also Koni UK's only Factory Trained and Approved Mobile Technician.

Recently we have become a dealer for Nitron, Intrax Suspension, SuperPro Suspension Parts, KW Suspension, Gaz Shocks, Gyeon Quartz and VMEP Pit Equipment. Check out their respective pages in the navigation bar at the top the buy online in our online shop.

All Square Wrap 'n Ride are even able to cater for your sticky needs! If you need some vehicle wrapping, race numbers, vinyl cut company logo stickers or a vehicle sign written then give us a shout. Let us know what you need then if you should require we can come to you to fit too. We have to vinyl cutting machines so we can make everything from 10mm high to 4 feet high. Click on the navigation bar then select the page that suits your needs

We can design, cut, supply and fit your vinyl stickers. We can also partial wrap, stripe and livery your vehicle with wrapping vinyl from 3M, Avery, Oracal and KPMF. Whether you have a kart, van, car, truck or sign board we can help show it off the way you want

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