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We try to keep things simple for everyone at All Square, so to make the experience as easy as possible when you book our service it means you agree with all of the T's & C's below.

  • 1/ The word 'we' in these Terms & Conditions will always refer to the company Rubilah Ltd. trading as (T/A) All Square - Race and Road

  • ​2/ Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square - Race and Road operates on a very simple principle. There are no accounts, no tabs and no I.O.U.'s. We square your car, and you square your bill. For online orders, once payment is received and cleared your items will be sent.

  • ​3/ Any non-payment on the day for setup work will result in the full balance needing to be paid within 7 calendar days. After this period non-payers will have their debt passed on to a debt management company who will then chase the debt and any associated fees incurred. Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square - Race and Road will not return to this customer for any further work in the future. Please see our GDPR policy under Contact & Privacy page for further information.

  • ​4/ Our mobile setup services requires a fairly flat solid surface to set our equipment on. Grass and gravel will not provide a suitably stable platform to give consistent and accurate results on. Double garages and driveways are perfect but please check with us on booking to make sure the location is suitable. No refunds can be given although a re-booking can be made at full cost again if an unsuitable surface has been provided and is only found upon arrival.

  • ​5/ If you are using our mobile service and we working on the floor to setup your vehicle, we are unable to move the subframe of your vehicle to adjust geometry. This is due to access to subframe, supporting the vehicle and the tooling required to do the work, we just simply can't do everything safely when working mobile from a van! This is commonly seen on newer VAG group cars where front camber is fixed, but can be out of spec. due to the subframe being slightly out of position. If you are booking a vehicle where this could be an issue we will advise you of this.

  • ​6/ If upon arrival the vehicle is not able to be setup, full payment will be required due to the customer not being able to provide suitable conditions or vehicle to be worked on without giving us prior notice. Issues include unsuitable surface, seized parts, missing parts or parts not fitted to the vehicle, or the vehicle is not onsite. Locking wheel nut sockets and other vehicle specific items must be available and suitable for use. We will be happy to make a new booking for the vehicle for another day when it is ready, this booking will be charged at the regular rate for the service required. 

  • ​7/ We are not a general mobile mechanic service. Parts required to be setup on the car will need to be fixed to it upon arrival. Exception to this are items like shims to adjust parameters on the car. Any adjustable strut top mounts or camber correcting kits will need to be fitted to the vehicle ready for adjustment unless discussed with us before the booking has been made. If you require additional parts to be fitted this may be possible, but could take the booking into an extra day which will is not included in the original setup price. If an extra day is required we will advise you on when the next available date is. Please be aware that it may not be possible to leave the vehicle in a useable condition if we cannot complete the work in a single day due to additional work being added on.

  • ​8/ We are not able to modify the structure of the vehicle chassis in any way on our mobile service. If structural modifications / drillings are require to fit any parts, this will need to be done at our workshop subject to availability.

  • ​9/ We will endeavour to free off seized fasteners if needed but the labour charge on this will be charged at the rate of £42.50 per hour worked out by the minute. We will give 5 minutes 'grace' on this for the odd fixture, but regular problems will be chargeable. Items that require repair or adjustment along the way that are not part of the setup or alignment and MUST be moved by us will also incur a labour charge or £42.50 per hour. If we are unable to free an item off and it needs to go to a regular garage or our workshop on a lift, then the terms of T&C Item 6 are applicable. This means that the service for the day is to be paid for and a new chargeable booking will need to be made to finish the work.

  • ​10/ We do not provide parts of any kind for our setup or wheel alignment services unless previous discussed with us or purchased in advance from us. Our setup service simply a service that will setup your chassis by adjusting Ride Height, Corner Weights, Toe, Camber and Caster, or Bump Steer if this service is required. Where applicable we will also check damper 'clicks' match side to side and set adjustable anti-roll bars too. Shims for setup can be sourced if requested in advance and are to be charged to the customer in addition to the setup or alignment. We are able to supply Koni, Nitron, KW, Gaz and Intrax shock absorbers and fit these for you as well at our workshop. This is a separate service to our wheel alignment or setup services and will be charged as a separate service although both can be carried out in one booking if time allows. Normally we will book a separate day to fit shocks so that they are done properly and we can sort any issues if they arise. If you require parts to be provided please advise us with plenty of time ahead of your booking and we will see how we can help. Parts sourced by customers are the responsibility of the customer, and if the booked work cannot be undertaken on arrival because the supplied parts are not suitable for purpose then the full job fee is still payable as in T&C Item 6.

  • ​11/ Our bump steer service is priced POA due to the differences we can encounter between different cars to get the work done. The service includes checking the bump steer, adjusting the bump steer if the correct parts are fitted to the vehicle and then resetting the toe afterwards to it's original setting. The vehicle having it's bump steer set should be ready to drive with the correct wheel alignment having already been set. If you are happy with your alignment then all we require is the settings that it is currently at then we can get on with the work. If you need the wheel alignment to be carried out first we can provide you with this service at it's normal cost price. Depending on the vehicle this may take the booking into a second day, you will be advised on this being the case when you make your booking. If the correct parts required to adjust the bump steer are not fitted to the vehicle, we can still check the bump steer to see if it needs adjusting, but if it does we will need to return another day when the correct parts are on the vehicle so that we can finish the service. The return trip we be chargeable as in T&C Item 6.

  • ​12/ We have many years of experience in the Automotive and Motorsports industries and pride ourselves on being good at what we do. Despite this, it is ultimately the owner's and/or driver's responsibility to check that the vehicle is safe for use after we complete our adjustments. We will tighten everything that we loosen and adjust at the end of adjusting the settings but the sole roadworthy responsibility falls with the vehicle owner or operator. Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square - Race and Road will not be held responsible for any accidents, damage or other mechanical issues arising from vehicle use after we complete the chassis setup or maintenance work. Mechanical safety is always the vehicle owner's and/or driver's responsibility before use.

  • ​13/ Verbal and Physical abuse towards our staff and damage to equipment will not be tolerated and will be met in every case with Police being called and prosecution sought along with full payment being made.

  • ​14/ 'Custom' geometry setups away from the manufacturer's standard settings are at the discretion of the vehicle owner, operator and/or driver and the owner, operator and/or driver accepts responsibility for the change in handling and grip levels of the vehicle on it's non-factory settings. Third parties requesting the custom geometry for their customer assume responsibility on behalf or the vehicle owner and / or driver. Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square - Race and Road cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or dis-satisfaction for a customer choosing a setup that is non-standard. Whilst we can provide experienced advise as to setup changes, these changes can have different effects from vehicle to vehicle and the owner and/or driver has the ultimate decision to choose these settings or not. We advise owner's and/or drivers to research handling changes and what geometry adjustments can do before deciding to choose custom geometry. All liability for custom geometry, whether researched or not, falls with the owner and/or driver when booking with us.

  • ​15/ If multiple services are booked with us we will endeavour to complete them in one day where possible. This may not be possible if a shock absorber supply and fit and track setup are booked if the shock absorber fitment is a lengthy process on that particular vehicle. If it is likely that the work will take more than one day you will be advised on this when booking.

  • ​16/ As we operate a mobile service we work at the mercy of the weather. If the place we are working at has no shelter then a free of charge re-booking may have to take place in the case of inclement weather. If a covered place is provided for us to work then there should be no problems in carrying out the work. Please advise us of the workplace ahead of your booking so that alternative plans for our services can be made if needed. Any bookings made for our workshop are not affected by any weather conditions other than snow for accessing the workshop.​​

  • ​17/ Our track support service price is for 1 day at the chosen circuit and also covers our fuel to the venue. Services for the day will be included in whatever is decided between us and the customer. This information can be documented on an email, text, WhatsApp or other form of messaging service. Payment for track support is required ahead of the date and is to be paid via bank transfer. If the test / race day has to be cancelled for unforeseen circumstances we will provide you with a voucher to be used on another suitable day in the future. We will provide basic hand tools, pressure gauges and other reasonable equipment to use on the day. Vehicle specific items such as specialist wheel sockets, lifting and fueling equipment and laptops are the responsibility of the vehicle / team owner.

  • ​18/ Online orders will be dispatched as soon as possible once the order has been processed. A normal time for delivery is about 48hrs after order processing. Sometimes this may be less and sometimes more. This will vary depending on the time and day of the order, force majeure (ie. global pandemics) as well as stock levels and the time when we can process your order. We will endeavour to process your order as soon as possible and will be in contact with any issues. You must leave contact details when placing an order.

  • ​19/ Occasionally there will be items showing as 'In Stock' in our online shop that may unfortunately be out of stock, If this is the case we will let you know as soon as possible and discuss how you would like to proceed. This may be due to a number of factors such as an identical recent order using up the last of the stock, not being able to update stock levels or suppliers having run out. We apologise in advance if this is the case.

  • ​20/ Any items that a customer wishes to return must be unopened and unused within 7 days of receipt. Alternatives to this will be listed specifically on the item's description page, examples of this will be Nitron, KW, ST, Gaz and Intrax coilovers that are normally made to order. Any made to order items cannot be cancelled with a full refund after the manufacturer has started making them. Cancellation can only happen IF the manufacturer approves, and any refunds will be made less penalties and charges from the manufacturer. Proof of the date of receipt will be asked for when asking for a refund. The P&P for items no longer required will be at the expense of the customer. P&P for items returned for warranty purposes will need to be paid by the customer initially, however if the warranty claim is upheld by the manufacturer whose item is faulty then a replacement will be sent out along with a refund of P&P for the return of the item. If a warranty claim is not upheld then no refund the P&P will be paid. The customer may request the item back from it's failed warranty check but will have to pay the P&P on this too. Any items returned as 'not required' but found to have been used, fitted or modified in any way will not be refunded.

  • ​21/ Damage and injuring arising from misuse or failure of parts purchased from us is at the liability of the end user. Once the part is fitted to the vehicle we cannot guarantee quality of fitment, damage incurred during fitting, damage incurred during use or force majeure. We will not pay for new parts, repairs, injuries or compensation, legal fees, inspections, estimates or anything else not covered here through product failure in use. Any products used in motorsports or on some form or circuit whether it be permanent or temporary (ie. hillclimb or rally) are not covered for failure during use due to extremely high loads in contact, crashes and excursions off of the circuit. Inspection of the vehicle should be a routine part of motorsport and issues should be highlighted during this process to ensure the end user's safety.

  • 22/ Any vehicles left with us at our Workshop are only covered by our insurance for damage caused to them whilst working on the vehicle as part of our standard business liability. Vehicles in the unit are not covered for Fire, Theft, Flood or any other partial or full loss. We strongly recommend that an insurance policy is in place for any vehicles left with us. Any vehicles not insured are left at the Workshop share with the full understanding and acceptance of the owner and/or customer who assumes full responsibility that they are not covered by our insurance for anything other than damage caused by us whilst we are physically working on the vehicle.​

  • 23/ If you choose to visit our premises, any form of photography of any of the other vehicles at the unit is strictly probihited in order to protect the vehicle's owners GDPR and privacy. if any images are secretly taken, the person(s) taking and/or sharing the images will be liable to prosecution from the vehicle owner unless permission is granted by the vehicle owner that allows images to be taken.

  • By booking with us or purchasing from us you understand and accept these Terms and Conditions.


Statement of purpose


Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road (the Organisation, we, our or us) is committed to preventing and responding to risks of harm to and promoting the welfare of all children and adults at risk that we work with (i.e. as Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s clients). These individuals are referred to as the ‘Beneficiaries’ of this Safeguarding Policy.

  1. We recognise the importance of this commitment to safety and welfare and, further, are committed to safeguarding all Beneficiaries without discrimination due to an individual’s age, disability, race, religion or belief, sex, gender reassignment, pregnancy or maternity leave status, marriage or civil partnership status, or sexual orientation.

  2. This Safeguarding Policy is based on the safeguarding laws of England, Wales, and Scotland, including related guidance issued by the UK Government and relevant governmental departments, agencies, and public bodies. If this Policy is at any time inconsistent with this body of law, Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road will act to meet the requirements of up-to-date safeguarding laws in priority to the requirements set out in this Policy.

  3. Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road has implemented this Safeguarding Policy in order to meet its obligations as an organisation working with children and adults at risk.

  4. Any questions in relation to this Policy should be referred to Christopher Pratt in the first instance, by emailing or by contacting 07967458207.

Scope of this Safeguarding Policy

  1. This Policy explains key aspects of how Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road prevents harm in relation to its Beneficiaries via its practices and its Staff Members’ conduct.

  2. This Safeguarding Policy covers the organisation and operation of all of Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s activities involving children and adults at risk (i.e. our Relevant Activities). These primarily include:

    1. Driver Coaching and other Motorsport activities.

  3. This Policy’s guidelines and obligations apply to all individuals working for or acting on behalf of Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road in the UK at all levels, including senior managers, officers, employees, consultants, trainees, homeworkers, part-time and fixed-term workers, casual workers, agency workers, volunteers, and interns (collectively ‘Staff Members’).

  4. This Policy does not form part of any contract of employment or similar and Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road may amend it at any time at our absolute discretion.

Defining safeguarding

  1. ‘Safeguarding’ is an umbrella term that refers to work refers to work (e.g. practices and procedures) aimed at preventing or responding to harm or risks of harm posed to vulnerable individuals, and at promoting these individuals’ wider welfare. Safeguarding is particularly important for children and adults at risk. Most safeguarding legal obligations relate to the care of these groups and these are the groups to whom the protections set out in this Policy apply. For safeguarding purposes:

    1. Children are individuals younger than 18 years old. 

    2. Adults at risk are individuals 18 years old or over (in England and Wales) or 16 years old or over (in Scotland) who have care and/or support needs and who are, because of these needs, unable to protect themselves from harm (e.g. due to illness or disability). This need not be on a permanent basis.

  2. The commitments and practices contained in this Safeguarding Policy apply to the safeguarding of Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s Beneficiaries from harm caused by either:

    1. The activities and practices of Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road and any conduct of its Staff Members, or

    2. People and situations outside of Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s and its Staff Members’ control, where Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s Staff Members are aware of, ought to be aware of, or reasonably suspect the risks posed by a situation. 

  3. For the purposes of this Policy, a ‘Safeguarding Concern’ is any conduct or situation that is known or reasonably suspected by a Staff Member or another party that risks violating the safeguarding commitments set out above.

Key measures that Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road is committed to implementing and maintaining to safeguard its Beneficiaries


  2. Ensuring that Staff Members are trained to, and encouraged to, report any Safeguarding Concerns that they identify. Staff Members will be encouraged to follow Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s safeguarding reporting procedures as closely as possible when reporting concerns (set out below under the heading ‘Procedures: Reporting’).

  3. Ensuring that all Staff Members listen to all safeguarding-related queries and concerns raised by other Staff Members, Beneficiaries, or relevant other parties, with respect and professionalism. Staff Members should be trained how to, and encouraged to, then assist with reporting any such concerns via Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s regular reporting procedures.  

  4. Ensuring that all reported Safeguarding Concerns are dealt with by appropriate individuals and teams and in accordance with Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s relevant procedures (set out below under the heading ‘Procedures: Investigation and Response’).

  5. Implementing and maintaining comprehensive, accessible, fair, and efficient procedures for Staff Members to use when reporting and dealing with Safeguarding Concerns. These procedures will be made known and easily accessible to all Staff Members.

    1. Procedures will be designed to ensure all safeguarding issues are dealt with fairly and objectively even when allegations are made against one of Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s Staff Members. Any such allegations will be treated in a manner that takes into account the gravity of the accusations, but which does not vilify or presume the guilt of an accused individual without a fair investigation.

    2. Any reports that qualify as protected disclosures under whistleblowing law will be treated securely and in a protected manner in line with whistleblowing law.

  6. Appointing Christopher Pratt to hold responsibility for managing safeguarding policies and procedures within Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road.

  7. Following appropriate recruitment processes when recruiting new Staff Members, including volunteers. This includes:

    1. Conducting all appropriate pre-employment checks (e.g. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) criminal record checks).

    2. Ensuring new Staff Members take part in, and understand the content of, all necessary safeguarding training before having any contact with Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s Beneficiaries.

    3. Following Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s policies and procedures on hiring and recruitment.

  8. Providing appropriate safeguarding training for all relevant Staff Members. Every Staff Member should be provided with, and required to undertake, training that is appropriate to their role, responsibilities, and degree and type of contact with Beneficiaries. This should, where appropriate, include training on:

    1. How to define and identify potential signs of different types of abuse, including physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and exploitation, neglect, and others.

    2. How to listen to and respond to concerns or disclosures about safeguarding issues during an initial conversation (e.g. how to explain when information can and cannot be kept confidential).

    3. How to use Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s safeguarding reporting procedures and when doing so is appropriate.

    4. Which additional resources (e.g. policies, other supporting documents, or external educational resources) are available to ensure Staff Members remain informed about safeguarding. 

  9. Ensuring that all information related to Safeguarding Concerns, including the content of reported concerns as well as the personal data of anybody involved, is handled safely and securely. This involves:

    1. Following the requirements set out by the UK’s data protection laws, including The UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. 

    2. Following Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s data protection policies and procedures, including our Data Protection and Data Security Policy.

    3. Providing Staff Members with training on data protection and privacy, where appropriate. 

    4. Ensuring Staff Members always have an identifiable point of contact for questions or concerns about data protection and privacy. This is currently Christopher Pratt, who can be contacted by emailing or at 07967458207.

    5. Only sharing information about a Safeguarding Concern internally as far as is necessary to manage the concern for the relevant Beneficiary’s benefit.

  10. Ensuring transparency and awareness regarding safeguarding information and procedures. For example, by:

    1. Providing information to Beneficiaries about our safeguarding procedures so that they are aware of how to raise any concerns.

    2. Ensuring all Staff Members are aware of safeguarding laws, Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s safeguarding commitments and procedures, and Staff Members’ responsibilities in relation to these.

  11. Regularly reviewing all safeguarding policies and procedures to ensure that they are up-to-date with safeguarding law and that they remain suitable for Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s Relevant Activities and workforce, and meeting any review and evaluation requirements specific to Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s industry and organisation type. 

Staff Members’ responsibilities 

  1. All Staff Members have a responsibility to promote the safety and wellbeing of all of Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s Beneficiaries. This means that all of Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s policies and procedures relevant to safeguarding and all UK laws relevant to safeguarding must be followed at all times. Specifically:

  2. All Staff Members must contribute to upholding the key measures that Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road has committed to taking to safeguard its Beneficiaries (set out above) to an extent that is appropriate for their role, responsibilities, and degree and type of contact with Beneficiaries. Specific ways that Staff Members should do this will be clarified during training. If a Staff Member is uncertain as to their responsibilities, it is their responsibility to raise this with Christopher Pratt.

  3. Staff Members must actively participate in all safeguarding training they are assigned and, if they do not understand any aspects of their training, must raise this with Christopher Pratt. 

  4. Staff Members must never do anything to actively risk the safety or wellbeing of any of Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s Beneficiaries. This includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Subjecting them to or facilitating abuse of any sort.

    2. Engaging in any sexual activity with children (i.e. anybody under the age of 18). 

    3. Participating in or facilitating any activities that may commercially exploit Beneficiaries. For example, failing to report suspected child labour or trafficking. 

  5. Staff Members must report all Safeguarding Concerns that they have regarding Beneficiaries, regardless of whether the concerns relate to potential wrongdoing of other Staff Members, other Beneficiaries, or external parties (e.g. parents, teachers, other organisations, or members of the public).

Procedures: Reporting

  1. Staff Members will receive safeguarding training that should enable them to identify Safeguarding Concerns (e.g. suspected abuse, neglect, or threats to wellbeing) relevant to Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s Beneficiaries.

  2. If a Staff Member identifies a Safeguarding Concern, to report it they should:

    1. Notify senior members of staff.

    2. If it regards a member of staff please notify Motorsport UK and UK Coaching too.

  3. If a Staff Member feels unable to follow the above steps, they should report their Safeguarding Concern in a reasonable alternative manner. This may the case if, for example:

    1. Following the above procedure would require disclosing the concern to somebody who is implicated in the Safeguarding Concern or who the Staff Member is otherwise uncomfortable contacting about this concern, or

    2. The matter is time sensitive and involves a risk of serious harm to somebody, in which case contacting an external agency (e.g. the police, the ambulance service, or a mental health crisis line) or a more senior member of Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s staff first may be more appropriate.

Procedures: Investigation and response

  1. Reported Safeguarding Concerns will be dealt with promptly by appropriate individuals within Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road, in accordance with our safeguarding response procedures and safeguarding laws. Details of these procedures are available on request from Christopher Pratt.

  2. Staff Members who report a Safeguarding Concern will be kept informed about the progression of the matter they reported to an appropriate degree. Note that, depending on the nature of the concern and consequent investigations, some information about matters may be kept confidential and not shared with the reporter.

  3. If a Staff Member is found to be in breach of this Safeguarding Policy or safeguarding law in general, they will be treated fairly and will only be dismissed if appropriate in the circumstances and in accordance with employment law.

  4. Referrals or notifications to external organisations (e.g. police services, local authorities, or regulatory bodies) will be made when, and only when, this is appropriate, and will always be made in accordance with the law (e.g. data protection law).

Supporting documents and other protections

  1. Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road has various other documents in place that support this Safeguarding Policy. These include:

    1. Online safety advise and procedures.

    2. Valid DBS check.

  2. This Safeguarding Policy does not cover all of Rubilah Ltd. T/A All Square Race and Road’s commitments relevant to protecting its Beneficiaries. We also have other policies in place that protect our Beneficiaries, Staff Members, and/or others. These include:

    1. A Health and Safety Policy.

    2. A Data Protection and Data Security Policy.

    3. Complaints procedure.

  3. All of the policies, procedures, and other documents set out above are available on request from the person within the Organisation responsible for HR matters or via Staff Members’ line managers.


This Safeguarding Policy was created using a document from Rocket Lawyer (

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