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All Square - Race and Road are now a dealer for Intrax Suspension Technology! We are able to offer our customers an extremely high end end custom coilover range to perfectly complement out shock absorber range from Koni.

Whether you need a good quality street coilover or a high performance motorsport application we can provide them for you with Intrax. Nothing is kept on the shelf like most coilover companies, Intrax require detials of your vehicle and what it is used for and them completely custom make and valve the dampers to suit your exact need. This gives you the product you were hoping for. There's even a range of optional extras to choose from should you want to spec them up.

With Intrax products you can be safe in the knowledge that the engineer has designed the product for you. You are also in full control of the final product by being able to spec extras like the 'Black Titan' coating on the shafts to reduce friction and increase life, or even Anti-Roll Control (ARC) to further enhance you ride depending on what you require.

Whether you need road, race, rally or even quad bike coilovers, give us a call with your requirements and we can start the custom Intrax process.

Check out the Intrax range below!



The Intrax RS (Road Sport) coilover is a high quality shock absorber for road use allowing height adjustment via the threaded collars. RS coilovers are supplied with Intrax's very own springs correct for your application. These will provide you with a damping upgrade and more direct control than your standard shocks. There's even an option for adjustable top mounts should you require them




The Intrax RSA (Road Sport Adjustable) coilover is another high quality shock absorber for road use allowing height adjustment via the threaded collars. The RSA however features a single adjustment knob at the base of the shaft that adjusts your bump and rebound damping together in preset steps by Intrax but designed for your vehicle given the information you supply. Not bad! They also feature a built in thermostat that keeps damping consistant despite changes in damper and oil temperatures.




The 1K2 coilover is great for street and competition use and features height adjustment and adjustable damping. A 1K2 is about 30% lighter than a comparable steel shock, great for the weight freaks! Just like the RSA, bump and rebuild is controlled via a single knob and the shock also houses a thermostat for consistent damping. Perfect for those that want to use their vehicle on and off the track with a quality adjustable product.




The 2K2 coilover is perfect for track day and competition use. It features height adjustment and adjustable damping with the low weight like the 1K2 but is fully modular and has SEPARATE bump and rebound adjusters giving you even finer control of your shock absorber. The 2K2 uses the largest possible housing and piston to give you a high quality strong coilover built for accurate damping.




This is Intrax top product. The 4-way damper provides separate high and low speed bump adjustment, rebound adjustment and total compression range. This is the product for the most serious of track and race use with the most tuneability. It features the same technology as other dampers in the range such as an aluminium construction using the largest diameters possible and full coilover height control. Top mounts can also be spec'd if required. 




The MacPherson XL is just like the 4 way in that it features 4 way damping control and the rest of the top features. This version is specifically for cars with MacPherson struts and features an adjustable damping base in order to make fitting and ride height adjustment as good as can be.




Intrax Epic is THE coilover shock absorber for high performance Off-Road use. The Epic range features large diameters and volumes with cooling fins to handle high temperatures caused by high piston speeds and extreme compressions. Available in 1K2, 2K2 and 4-way configurations and can be upgraded with the 'Black Titan' shaft coating and ARC.




Intrax offer a range of optionals and extras such as:

Black Titan - this is a black coating applied to the shock absorber shafts to reduce friction, wear, temperature and to increase life. A great addition to further improve your custom coilover.

ARC (Anti-Roll Control) - a system designed by Intrax to keep body roll under control without the need for excessively hard springs. This makes it great for raod use where you can keep a softer spring but control the roll. Available as an option on most Intrax shock absorbers.

Camber top plates - these can be spec'd with your coilover purchase should you need them. These will again be made to your spec and vehicle. Pretty much a must for getting the geometry right after fitting your new suspension!

Spring adjusters - where space allows, you can order Spring adjusters as an option to give you a tuning tool of changing your spring rate with replacing the spring. You simply wind the collar up the spring coils which effectively stiffens the spring rate. A handy tool to have when it rains, you can simply wind the adjuster back down the spring to soften it off.

Air jacks and elephants feet - these can be custom made should you require air jacks for lifting your car and elephants feet to raise it further and secure it so that it is safe to work under.

Springs - Intrax offer a full range of standard and lowering springs to perfect your handling



Coilover / shock fitting service

All Square - Race and Road offer their customers a mobile coilover / shock absorber fitting service. Whether they are products purchased from us or not we will be happy to travel to you and fit the items for you. Talk about convenience!!!

Whenever fitting new suspension items and / or changing the ride height of a vehicle it is always advisable to carry out a wheel alignment on the vehicle to make sure everything is pointing the right way and is 'All Square'.

We are happy to offer a discount to customers who require multiple services from us, whether it's a shock absorber purchase and fitting, or shock absorber fitting and wheel alignment, or even purchase, fitting AND alignment.

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