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Here is just a small selection of some of the vehicles we have worked on. We have included a range of road cars, race cars, stickers jobs and even an airplane!

vc alfa.jpg

Ferrari 355 geometry and corner weight check

Ford Fiesta MK1 rally car 4 wheel alignment

4 wheel alignment on this Alfa Romeo GTV

Mazda MX5 Corner_edited.jpg

MK Indy R having our full setup service. Kit cars benefit a lot from going through the suspension properly

Audi Q7 4 wheel alignment

4 wheel alignment on this Mazda MX5 track car

mustang js.jpg

Porsche 944 race car 4 wheel alignment

4 wheel alignment on this classic Ford Mustang

Full setup service carried out on this BMW with new coilovers


Fiat Abarth OT1000 full setup

4 wheel alignment on a Jaguar E-Type nearing the end of it's restoration

Race car setup service on this Peugeot 106 Rallye


Freshly restored Ford Mustang being setup with our full setup service

Ford Transit Custom livery design, manufacture and fit

Ford Mustang wheel alignment to correct uneven steering

MON 996_edited.jpg

Porsche 996 4 wheel alignment

Our track support service being utilised on this TVR Cerbera

Mini Cooper wheel alignment to correct poor steering


Ultima GTR full track car setup to include 4 wheel alignment, ride height and corner weight check and adjustment

TVR Tuscan corner weight check on a trackday at Brands Hatch

1965 Ford Mustang 4 wheel alignment to correct steering pull

mcc van.jpg

Vauxhall Monaro VXR 4 wheel alignment

VW Caddy livery design, manufacture and fitment

Ford Transit Connect 4 wheel alignment to correct steering pull


Ferrari 348 race car setup service including 4 wheel alignment and corner weight setup

Honda motorcycle replica livery creation and fitment

VW Scirocco race car setup service to try and give the customer a good baseline


Ferrari 430 Challenge in for race car setup service to try and find a much better baseline setup

Ford Transit custom livery design, manufacture and fitment

Maserati Gran Turismo 4 wheel alignment to correct steering pull


Track car setup service completed on this Honda Integra DC5

Honda Civic race car full race setup service where we set all of the geometry and corner weights

Ferrari F12 4 wheel alignment

jsnod bmw.jpg

4 wheel alignment completed on this BMW 530

Honda Civic race car boot wrap

Full race car setup service carried out on this Ferrari 328 GTB race car that went on to take a lot of class wins!


Race car setup service carried out on this Honda Civic. Full geometry check along with ride heights and corner weights

Ford Mustang 4 wheel alignment to stop the wandering steering

4 wheel alignment on this classic Ford Mustang


Corner weight check on this TVR Sagaris on a track day at Brands Hatch

Corner weight check on this TVR Tuscan on a Track day at Brands Hatch

Sponsor sticker manufactured and fitted to this Honda Civic race car


Corner weight check on this TVR Tuscan on a track day at Brands Hatch

4 wheel alignment on this Ferrari 812 Superfast

4 wheel alignment on this Mercedes ready for a long road trip

vx220 mod.jpg
orange mustang.jpg

Full setup service carried out on this Vauxhall VX220 which included 4 wheel alignment, ride height and corner weights

4 wheel alignment on this Ford Mustang race car ready to race in the Masters Historic Championship

4 wheel alignment on this Ford Ranger to stop it pulling and to even out tyre wear


Corner weight check and adjustment on

this MK Indy at Brands Hatch on a trackday

Full sticker pack fitted to this Honda Civic race car

4 Wheel alignment completed on this EnduroKA ready Ford KA at Brands Hatch on our Trackday setup service

green caterham.jpg

Corner weight check on this Caterham 7

on our Trackday setup service at Brands


Vauxhall Vectra track car setup to include

full geometry check and adjust as well

as corner weight setup

Track car setup service on this 500hp Seat Leon that recently had KW Suspension

V3 coilovers fitted

F250 crop.jpg

Ford F-250 wheel alignment carried out

to correct wandering steering

Full setup carried out on this AC Cobra to

include 4 wheel alignment, ride height

and corner weight setup

Wheel alignment carried out on this Volvo

142 as part of our Trackday setup service

at Brands Hatch

Ultima RS copy.jpg

Ultima RS chassis #1 full setup after having optional shocks fitted


Full livery designed, manufactured and fitted to this 1942 Luscombe Silvaire airplane

Post crash alignment on this race Renault Clio

BMW M2 copy.jpg

BMW M2 in for corner weighting

JW DC5.jpg

Aggressive road setup for this immaculate Honda Integra DC5

mgt phantom copy.jpg

VMEP's Phantom Racing CSP2 car had full setup and race support in 2021

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