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2020 so far

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

So we're 2 months in to running the business as a full time limited company. It's nice to really get a hold of things and push them 7 days a week, we had to limit how much promotion we used to do as for the first 2 years we were operating on a part time basis and didn't want to disappoint by not keeping up with demand or letting people down by over-booking. Right through February and March we have been getting really busy, people now know that we're available much more readily so it's nice to be able to book a couple of days or a week ahead instead of pushing people into gaps 5 weeks away like we had to used to have to. Shock sales are growing by the week and we are getting a really good spread of sticker work, wheel alignment, supply and fit of shocks and track setups to so.

Then Coronavirus hit!

It's a shame that we were getting momentum and filling weeks with ease but the COVID-19 outbreak stopped all work at customer's premises. Fortunately part of our business plan was to have work 'home and away', so now it's the 'home' work that we can still do. We are currently running a 10% off vinyl stickers and signwriting promotion to save people a bit of money who were considering sticker work anyway. As far as 'away' work goes, apparently people are having time to look at their projects and plan what they need to do, we have so many pre-books for when the lockdown is lifted so we are looking forward to getting back out there whenever that may be.

Other than that, Project Cars 2 is getting a hounding! It's good to do some sim racing and do some setup work on the sim too. Will be nice to get back to the race track soon.....

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