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Why do we do what we do???

So, first blog post! I'm new to writing these so thought I'd keep it simple.

Why have we (myself and Mrs. All Square) set up a company that does boring old wheel alignment, being over fussy with race cars, make stickers and sell shock absorbers? Well, apart from the stickers, it's all about the drive! We are car people and there's nothing better than a car that drives well, drives straight and makes the journey fun. Cars wear out, bits move, they get knocked about and you just think what you drive is fine. There's nothing better for us than somebody trusting us with their car, then seeing their face after the first drive when they realise how great their car is again. We love making it fun, making it better, making it All Square. It can be an everyday road car that we've done wheel alignment on, or it can be a race car that's had corner weights set, making it better makes our day worthwhile.

Where do the shock absorbers come into it then? Shock absorbers are the bits that soak up all the lumps and bumps in the road and support the weight transfer of the car when cornering. By fitting better shocks, you should get a better drive. By having more track focused damping on a race circuit you can have more fun and lap faster. This is why we are so pleased to work with a company like Koni, we can distribute and sell their products to the public or the trade so that they can experience a better ride and product to get more from their drive. We'll even fit the products should the customer ask us to, and we'll do it at your house or garage, another thing to smile about as you don't have to arrange to take your vehicle somewhere. We try to please!

And finally, stickers and wrapping. Whats the point? Well, sign writing your van to advertise your company whilst making it look professional can not be understated. Driving around in your own mobile advert can be the difference between just paying the bills, or being the success your company deserves to be. Wrapping is a great area for us too, by putting a nice fresh look on things with a colour change and breath life into any car, bike, van or truck. Although we don't have a unit to wrap in yet, we do the best we can by offering it on mobile basis. You never know what the future holds though...................

So, why do we do what we do? To put the fun back into driving!

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