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Mobile advertising

Companies spend a fortune on being seen. Marketing budgets can be huge and let's face it, the average self-employed person or small company can't stretch to big marketing money. It mystifies us as to why we speak to so many small business owners that run around in plain vehicles. Yes, I know that having stickers all over you vehicle can make it a bit of a target, but it is also then a mobile advert potentially seen by thousands of new customers a day. I was once told a statistic on a vehicle wrapping course that a company had one of their several vans sign written as a test to see if it brought them anymore sales traffic. As it turned out that 1 vehicle in 1 day created 10 times more enquiries in a single day than they had ever had before! Speaks for itself doesn't it? We love helping small businesses (and some larger ones!) in our area discover this. We can create a mock up of what their vehicle could look like, then turn that into reality by sign writing their vehicle. It's great for advertising and to cement your brand identity. Can you afford NOT to do it?

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